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Double Mitre Saw

BAL Office Partitioning purchases double mitre saw

19 Jan 2017

BAL Office Partitioning is pleased to announce the purchase of a double mitre saw.

Our new double mitre saw can cut steel-stainless and steel-aluminium; it has an inclined saw blade with an approach for optimum cutting efficiency.

With the internal mitre cutting at a 45 degree angle and the external mitre cutting to 135 degrees, along with the option of variable blade speed control.

Steve Kane, Managing Director of BAL Group says, “The new acquisition has enhanced the capabilities of BAL Group, in particular the BAL Office Partitioning division."

"It offers a superb finish to our door frame sections, allowing even more precision and accuracy whilst  reducing time and costs for the production of a piece, offering clear benefits which we can pass on to our customers.”

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