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Finesse Fire & Sound

The Finesse Fire and Sound office partitioning system is designed to provide a full height or part height 75rnm or 100mm or 120mm thick drywall elevation, incorporating two or four 12.5mm thick boards or two 15mm thick boards with optional 6.0mm or 8.0mm glass using UPVC glazing sections, or 6.0mm to 10.8mm glass using aluminium glazing sections in full height or part height glazed, arranged in single glazed configuration with centrally fitted or offset fitted glass or in double glazed configuration.

A choice of glazing chairs enables internally mounted venetian blinds to be fitted if required.

Finesse is a certified FIRE RATED system achieving 60 certification with a full height drywall arrangement and 30 minutes with either full height or part height glazing.

*** Important note:
Systems are only Fire Rated when used and constructed in conjunction with a complete set of parts and accessories specified for that purpose.
These are referenced in the Technical Catalogue and Colour Coded Red to indicate compliance.

Finesse is certified to achieve a SOUND REDUCTION of up to dB 45 with full height 15mm thick boards with Rockwooll infill or 43 dB using 12.5mm boards with Rockwool infill.

Finesse parts are fully compatible with Crystal Double Glazed or Crystal Single Glazed parts enabling an immediate seamless transition from any junction or other detail to either Double glazed or single glazed Crystal systems.

Finesse DOOR FRAMES are factory produced and are supplied in kits suitable for either timber or glass doors. Standard sizes are stocked but any door leaf size frames are available. Door Frame kits incorporate engineered hinge and strike posts,door head, hinges, strike plates, closing strip and screws.