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Finesse Single Glazed

This super slim full height single glazed partitioning system uses a high quality aluminium framework only 25mm wide which accepts glass of 10mm up to 12.8mm thick using standard tear off glazing gaskets.

As with all other Finesse and Crystal systems, the sections are clip together and are designed to substantially reduce on-site installation time, particularly where transitions to either double glazed or drywall are required.

Crystal Single Glazed parts are fully compatible with Finesse Fire and Sound and Crystal Double glazed parts enabling an immediate seamless transition from a section of single glazing to either double glazing or full or part height Finesse Fire & Sound in any order.

Crystal Single Glazed DOOR FRAMES are factory produced and are supplied in kits suitable for either timber or glass doors. Standard sizes are stocked but any door leaf size frames are available. Door Frame kits incorporate engineered hinge and strike posts, door head, hinges, strike plates, closing strip, brackets and screws